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In 1997, on July 1st, the colony of Hong Kong was handed over to the Chinese government. It has been a long process since 1986, when Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Her Majesty, had decided that the colony was a drain on the finance of the United Kingdom. In fact, the colony was making money but it was not going into the coffer of the government or her Majesty but to families known as the "tycoons" of Hong Kong. The system was rigged to the bone since its inception in the 1850s but it was legal. What can one expect from drug barons?

The administration of Hong Kong was considered, or rather was proclaimed the best of the world. Salaries were astronomical because they had been designed to attract the gentry of the United Kingdom. The taxation system was considered benevolent, until one looks carefully and discover how the Hong Kong government was raking up money in an insane manner.

Serge Berthier, who settled in Hong Kong in 1986, delivered here a wide-ranging assessment of the post-colonial area. The book was precient because all the roots the author exposed in 2002 was laid bare when the young people went to the street in 2019. However their target was the wrong one. China had little to do with the state of the affairs.

Here download the book (114 pages
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